Silver City sits in the sunny southwest corner of New Mexico. We’re equal parts Old West heritage and distinctive arts and entertainment community, packed with a vibrant “small-town” style of living.

A great place to live, work and play!

Silver City and Grant County have been recognized by arts, retirement and quality-of-life publications for our unique combination of affordable livability, relaxed atmosphere and incredible beauty. Here are some examples of the good news!


The Cleanest Cities in the U.S.

“A new World Health Organization report details air-pollution rates around the globe. Here are the cleanest cities in the country:

If it’s not clear by now, it should be: if you want smog-free air and lungs clear of bronchitis, move to New Mexico. And the environment in Silver City has probably gotten better over time — it began as a mining tent city back in the late 1800s, and let’s just say those settlements did not have much in the way of environmental regulations. It makes sense that after the silver ran out, Silver City became a haven for tuberculosis patients. The desert air will do you good.”

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Discover the Rugged, Wild West Beauty of Southwestern New Mexico. And Go Green.

“From mysterious cliff dwellings to spectacular hiking and wildlife viewing, Bear Mountain Lodge is a wonderful place to visit. Southwestern New Mexico is a sparsely populated, rugged part of the American West that isn’t often visited by tourists. Yet it has some of the best preserved ancient cliff dwellings, impressive mountain vistas, hundreds of miles of hiking trails, and opportunities galore to view wildlife and get away from it all.”

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Best Road Food: New Mexico Magazine

“A team of some of New Mexico’s best food writers named this year’s “Best Eats” honorees, and selected Diane’s Restaurant of Silver City for the “Best Road Food category. Diane’s winning selection is her remarkable Hatch Benedict. New Mexico Magazine’s writers includes Gwen Doland, author of four Advertisement Southwestern cookbooks; Chef Rocky Durham, a lifelong culinary professional; Lois Ellen Frank, author of Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations; Gil Garduño, author of Gil’s Thrilling and Filling blog at www.nmgastronome.com; Lesley S. King, New Mexico Magazine columnist for “King of the Road”; Kate Manchester, publisher of Edible Santa Fe; and Michele Ostrove, organizer of New Mexico Restaurant Week.”

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Rough it easy in the Gila Wilderness: Sunset, How to Live in the West

“…We had a lot of wilderness to explore in those two days. The Gila is big and very rugged. As you hike in, following the course of the Gila River, you feel you are moving ever deeper toward the bones of the earth. Where the land doesn’t sheer away beneath you, it rises in steep needle points. Views open toward vistas of remote, sharply ridged mountains, folding one onto the next, until the whole range fades, blue, into the sky. We saw no other people.”

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Southwestern cuisine: A culinary odyssey

“Tucked away in the southwest corner of New Mexico, more than a mile up in the Gila National Forest, Silver City is an evolving gem. Five hours from Albuquerque, four from Tucson, three from El Paso, Silver City began as–and to an extent remains–a mining town. The open pit Chino and Tyrone mines still pump lifeblood into the town’s economy. But, as open pit mining’s future becomes more precarious, Silver City has approached the critical mass of people, talent, history, and attractions that mark a fully-fledged cultural destination.

Silver City’s site has been home to Native Americans, Hispanic settlers, and Anglo miners and ranchers for hundreds of years. The latest layer in the town’s social stratigraphy, enterprising arts, culture, culinary, and tourism professionals have been drawn by the climate, scenery, altitude, and attitude. Two dozen galleries and shops, a dozen restaurants, and a range of accommodations greet visitors in the Historic Downtown. Nearby outdoor adventures are as diverse as astronomy, fishing, bicycle racing, hiking, and auto touring.”

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Two Lanes: a trip around the U.S.

“One word describes dinner last night at the Curious Kumquat. M-M-M-M-M-M… Is that a word?

Wow, it was fabulous. Every Wednesday, they serve Chef’s choice – one dish of Rob’s choosing – for $10. Yesterday was Chef Rob’s birthday, so he prepared his favorite meal – Portuguese fish stew, and an amazing, decadent four-tier chocolate cake for dessert. The fish stew was served steaming hot in big white bowls, its gorgeous golden broth filled with fresh local trout, potatoes, chorizo, and mussels. Accompanied by hot sourdough bread made in house, it was a delicious meal for a blustery, cloudy-almost-about-to-rain early evening. We ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio to share, which was a good complement to this hearty meal.”

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