Silver City – Your Vacation Destination

The vibrant history, architecture, outdoor lifestyles and artistic culture in Silver City provide the tourist a destination rich in experiences. The Silver City Arts & Cultural District is actively promoting our area to expand awareness of all that Silver City and the region has to offer.

SCACD and Tourism

The SCACD is the official tourism agent for the Town of Silver City, supported by Silver City Lodger’s Tax. The Silver City Arts and Cultural District is responsible for media planning, print and online advertising, website development and social media marketing. In addition, the SCACD partners with the Southwest New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce to operate and promote the Murray Ryan Visitor Center – open seven days a week.

Silver City is New Mexico true

Beginning in 2011, the Silver City Arts and Cultural District joined forces with the New Mexico Tourism Department. As a participant in the State’s Tourism Co-op Marketing Program Silver City partners in the brand identity of the State’s advertising campaign. Branded as New Mexico true, this cooperative advertising campaign has allowed the SCACD to expand the marketing budget by 40% and reach ever wider audiences.

Silver City Arts and Cultural District and its fiduciary agent – the Corporation for Downtown Development has partnered with Grant County, Mimbres Region Arts Council, Tour of the Gila, Inc. and the Southwest New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce in this effort.

Statewide Arts & Cultural District collaboration

Working together with the five other Arts and Cultural Districts in New Mexico, the SCACD is expanding its in-state marketing through cross-promotion with these other communities. A unified web presence and print collateral marketing showcase these diverse communities and their signature events. Guided by the New Mexico Arts and Cultural District office, the six districts benefit from the expertise and resources they provide.

The Silver City Clay Festival

The Silver City Arts & Cultural District signature event, the Silver City Clay Festival, is an extravaganza of cultural and artistic experiences held in late July and early August. The belief that economies can be driven by cultural entrepreneurship is central to this festival. Visitors from all over the country, Canada, and Europe come to Southwestern New Mexico to experience how clay, earth, and mud in their many forms embody and evoke the history of New Mexico.