Silver City couldn’t have been selected as one of “The 100 Best Art Towns in America” without the many talented artists who reside in the area. Our environment–both in the inspiring physical beauty of the surrounding area and in the community’s pride and support for local artists, provides a nourishing environment in which to create.

Allen Sanders
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Anaia Song creates beautiful and unique crochet wearables from wool and other natural fibers. She is also a wonderfully gifted basket weaver in wide range of designs and materials, including reed, grapevine, seagrass and even paper. She is currently working on a new line of mixed media fiber pieces coming soon. 575-534-9201[More info]
Ann Alexander
Ann Alexander’s art focuses on ‘The Beautiful Earth’ – La Bella Terra. Natural gourds, some she grows organically, become the three dimensional canvas for her sometimes whimsical, sometimes southwestern and sometimes – just plain quirky – gourd creations. Seeing light bounce off a surface or reflect in a natural stone fascinates Ann. Media: Mixed Media Gourds – with acrylics sometimes mixed with stones, wire and other natural materials. On the web:[More info]
Ann McMahon
Ann McMahon's work is featured in museum exhibits in New Mexico and Colorado. Her portfolio - Coyote Tales - featuring her hand produced canvas prints of her wildlife images, opens at the Farmington Gateway Museum August 22nd, 2016. Coyote Tales was a total success at the Branigan Cultural Center in Las Cruces last year. Her portfolio – The Disappearing Mining Landscape of Grant County – premiers at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry (WMMI) in Colorado Springs, [More info]
Ann Taylor paints Southwest landscapes of mountains, cactus, yuccas and wildflowers; her still life subjects include Indian pots and baskets. She paints in her own unique style which is becoming more impressionistic. Silver Spirit Gallery, Western Bank and Hearst Church Gallery in Pinos Altos. 575-534-0171 [More info]
Arlene Sarkela paints landscapes and still-lives with Southwestern themes. Sites: Hearst Church Gallery, Silver Spirit Gallery (GCAG). 575-538-9761[More info]
Awish Baechtle is a fiber artist who spins her own wool. She makes knitted animals and toys that are creative, safe and that will last a lifetime. Baechtle learned to weave from traditional Navajos who gave her permission to use the techniques she learned. Working with that knowledge she has developed her own weaving style. She also knits shawls and shawlettes using her own wool. Awish enjoys her art very much, likes to use simple [More info]
Barbara Kejr
The clear skies and wide vistas of the southwest are the inspiration for Barbara Kejr’s southwestern landscapes. Moving to Silver City, New Mexico provided Barbara with the opportunity to pursue a life-long desire to paint. She initially explored oil painting, and then ventured into watercolors. Barbara is intrigued by the unique properties of watercolor which permit the artist to capture light by using transparent watercolor and the white of the paper. Barbara has studied [More info]
Barbara L. Harrison
Barbara L. Harrison is known for her abstract wall sculptures and mobiles Media: brass, acrylic, steel. 941-387-8589[More info]
Barbara Nance
Barbara Nance enjoyed an extensive commercial art career for over twenty years in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, but the Land of Enchantment has long been calling to her. In 2005 Barbara and her husband Sherwood moved their dogs, tons of marble, welding equipment, tools, canvas and paints to Silver City, New Mexico. It was time to breath in the big sky, stretch her imagination and reinvent her artistic goals. They built an inviting casita gallery [More info]
Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith’s subjects are landscapes and still-life in oils and acrylics, as well as portraits and other subjects in pastels. Sites: Silver Spirit Gallery, Red Barn Restaurant, and Hearst Church Gallery in Pinos Altos. 575-388-1701[More info]
Becky O’Connor
Becky has been involved in all facets of design for over 35 years, with a focus on jewelry design for the past 8 years. Her primary creative stimulation is the vast array of colors, textures, and shapes that semi-precious stones and gems provide for the jewelry artisan. Becky's designs are traditional, yet highly creative and innovative as she complements the age-old beauty of Southwestern Turquoise with stones and gem material from around the world. The result is [More info]
Bonnie Burleson
Bonnie Burleson’s graphic art describes a dynamic “Cellular Universe” through paintings, drawings and monoprints that evolve into unique graphic creations. 575-519-1040 Sites: Curious Kumquat, Shevek and Co., Silver Spirit Gallery.[More info]
C. R. Thibeau (Connie) uses oil and mixed media to explore perceptions of light and form of mesas and other unique Southwest formations. Sites: Art, Inc. San Antonio, TX, Austin Gallery, Austin, TX. 575-534-3910 [More info]
Carmen Ruiz
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Carol McCoy
Carol McCoy finds her watercolor inspirations in the beauty and wonderful colors of the Southwest. About the Artist: I started watercolor painting with my mother at a young age. My education always included art. I attended Cornish School of Allied Arts in Seattle which led to various jobs later in life, including drafting, cartography, and layout & paste-up work (before computers!). Watercolor painting is my favorite medium & I also enjoy mixed media. Painting cactus & SW landscapes [More info]
Carolyn Gray-Patty is a graduate of the Minneapolis School of Art and studied under the late Leonardo, Toby Price and renowned artists such as Albert Handell, Doug Dawson, Ramon Kelly and Joyce Pike. Her work is shown in galleries and has been sold nationally and internationally. She states her art goal now is to capture the sensitivity of moods and feelings in her life. [More info]
Carolyn Paez
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Cecilia Stanford
Cecilia Stanford, mosaic artist and object maker, has created contemporary art for the past 30 years. Much of her work is inspired by a career in theater arts as a costumer and a probably overly indulged interest in the decorative arts. Cecilia maintains a large studio in Silver City, only open to the public by appointment, and her work is shown at the Blue Dome Gallery at Bear Mountain Lodge. Website:[More info]
Chris Selmer, a landscape photographer and photo lab owner for 20 years, has expanded her repertoire to include jewelry and mixed media pieces. Media: photography, watercolor, copper, jewelry. Sites: Creations and Adornments, Running Horse Gallery. 575-388-8087[More info]
Chris Sowers
All of our hand-crafted pieces are made to be used around the home, and to be enjoyed by family and friends. Because we personally hand make every piece, each one has its own individual spirit; although pieces may be similar no two are exactly alike - the human touch exists in every aspect of the process. Our pottery also combines all the elements of nature. It is created with earth and water, dried by the [More info]
Christopher Saxman’s photos are often more about the resulting design printed to paper than the subject photographed. The abstract simplicity of his photographs allows one to focus on the detail, texture, color and composition. Media: Photography Sites: The Fierro Canyon Gallery[More info]
Cynthia A. Lindhorn
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Daria Tallman
Daria Tallman, a native of Philadelphia, PA, is an award winning jeweler/metalsmith, artist and designer for 30 years. Tallman’s mediums in art-jewelry span from mixed media drawings to aluminum anodizing. She promotes “Eco-friendly artistry” in many of her creative endeavors. On the web:[More info]
David Brink
David Brink practices old school photography from shutter’s click to making prints. His goal is to inspire the viewer to see the familiar in new ways. Media: photography.[More info]
David Mulvenna retiring to the alpha point, unlocking the crypt of artistic, philosophic, and religious truths transcending the limitations of language with symbolism and image. Media: oil, acrylic, bronze, copper and steel. Sites: Creations and Adornments, Clementine Mercantile, Vicki's/Mulvenna Gallery in the same building. 575-534-0133[More info]
David Wait builds heirloom wood furniture using centuries-old methods. He works only with hand tools in a quiet, off-grid shop, in harmony with the wood and the environment. 575-535-2613 On the web:[More info]
Diana Ingalls Leyba
Diana Ingalls Leyba is a literal person and picks imagery that evokes the universal in the personal or the sacred in the commonplace. Sites: Leyba Ingalls Arts About: I see my work as a culmination of several trains of thought I've explored throughout the years and as an integration of several aspects of my personality(s). I like the universal in the personal and the sacred in the common place. Important is the idea of [More info]
Diane Reed, a silversmith with some Native American training, does original and custom designs on site at her gallery/studio. Sites: Creations and Adornments, Doc Campbell’s Trading Post, Silver Spirit Gallery (SVA), Gila Valley Hardware Store. 575-534-4269[More info]
Donna Schmidt loves the colors of the Southwest and shows that love in her landscape, still life and floral paintings. "Painting allows me to express the beauty that God has given us and it seems like a natural expression of that love.” Donna is a member of GCAG. Sites: Silver Spirit Gallery, Hearst Church Gallery in Pinos Altos. 575-534-2899 On the web:[More info]
Dora Klein
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Dug Sitowski has been an artist his entire life and interprets his sense of reality through his works--also he does it because he likes it,. Sites: Silver Spirit Gallery (SVA). 515-654-3530[More info]
Elizabeth Goertz
Elizabeth Goertz' work is inspired by the incredible beauty and colorful history of the Southwest. Sites: Hearst Church Gallery and Silver Spirit Gallery. 575-534-1363[More info]
Eric Sarkela has been drawing since early childhood, influenced by his mother, who has painted since he was young. He has received numerous ribbons for both his drawings and his photography, which he discovered a passion for while achieving his BS in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico Tech. Sites: Hearst Church Gallery. 575-538-9761[More info]
Florence Rowell paints Southwest scenes – adobes, old trees and portraits – and finds excitement in the beauty of the Southwest where she has lived all her life. She has taught high school and junior jigh art classes, private art classes and fiber art classes. 575-388-2106[More info]
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
James Palmer is a traditional representational sculptor whose fine limited edition bronzes feature equine, figurative and wildlife subjects. Media: oil base clay to bronze. Sites: Silver Spirit Gallery (SVA), The Pamela Laurence Collection, Tucson, Studio Behind the Mountain. 575-388-3277 On the web:[More info]
James S. Kane
James S. Kane is a graduate of the University of Wyoming with both an MFA and MA, focusing primarily on sculpture. The professor taught sculpture and other associated classes at a variety of universities before retiring to Silver City in 2005. Since moving to Silver City, James has been able to continue with his own work which is primarily in local wood and bronze casting. 575-538-4362[More info]
Jan Fell
Jan Fell’s single passion is to illustrate the wonder of all living creatures through her art, rendered in remarkable detail with heartfelt strokes. Sites: Copper Quail Gallery, Running Horse Gallery, Silver Spirit Gallery, Doc Campbell’s Trading Post. 575-956 7351[More info]
Jan Wagner
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Jean Eisenhower
Silver City artist Jean Eisenhower works in fiber, natural plaster, video and pencil & pen. She is also a multiple award-winning author of articles, essays, published books, and publicity materials. On the web:[More info]
Jean Juszczyk Siebenthal paints out of enthusiasm for the process. Her work is alive with that energy. Whether landscape, seascape, or abstract, the work captivates. Sites: Cienega Spa and Gallery, Silver Spirit Gallery. 575-519-8942 On the web:[More info]
Jean McLaughlin Cowie
Jean McLaughlin Cowie has lived most of her life in the west where the bold landscapes and stunning, expansive topographies have heavily influenced her work. Largely self taught, Jean has perfected the necessary technical skills to construct any design, enabling her to break from more traditional methods to create pieces that are out of the ordinary. She holds a degree in Apparel Design from Montana State University. Jean began her life-long love of fiber arts [More info]
Jean W. Hatfield works in several media and enjoys all of them. She teaches art at the Silver City Senior Center. Sites: Silver Spirit Gallery, JW Gallery. 575-519-2977[More info]
Jean-Robert Béffort
Jean-Robert Béffort’s collaged graphic constructions are layered with surreal juxtapositions of text and images intermingled with recycled found objects that illustrate stories of reinterpretation through visual narrative. Media: assemblage sculpture, text/image collage, mosaic. Bio: Jean-Robert P. Beffort was born in 1962 in Spokane, Washington and grew up in Great Falls, Montana. He attended Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana and received a Bachelor's of Architecture in 1986. He moved to Portland, Oregon and worked [More info]
Jeanne Dickerson does oil landscapes and enjoys doing florals, also in oils. She received "Best of Show" at the Grant County Art Guild Member's Show in 2008 and also for two years at the Grant County Fair on floral paintings. She took classes from Phyllis Hawman at the Purple Palette for many years and credits her for helping develop her talent. She also makes Christmas ornaments every year. [More info]
Jeff and Debbie Kuhns
Jeff and Debbie Kuhns create high-fired stoneware pottery both wheel-thrown and sculptural. Jeff is a Master Potter and has discovered that the essence of a pot is its form. Mixing their own glazes allows for a wider range for creation. 575-534-9389[More info]
Jeff Turner
Jeff Turner's work is about feeling expressed through non-objective form. If a piece starts to look decorative, I change it. Self expression is primary and beauty takes care of itself. Media: Mixed media and sculpture. 575-388-5556 On the web:[More info]
Jessie Lee Thetford
Jessie Lee Thetford is an alumni of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Painting & Drawing and a Minor in Art History. She works mainly with acrylics, charcoal, and watercolors offering both original works and affordable prints in her online Etsy store. In addition to painting and drawing, Jessie Lee Thetford is an independent singer-songwriter / musician. On the web:[More info]
Joanne Schuchardt is an emerging artist in the Southwest. She had a busy career as a nurse and is now devoting her time to travel with her husband and finding new ways to use her creative energy. After moving to New Mexico form the east coast, the natural beauty she found in the Southwest inspired her to begin studying art at the University of New Mexico. Her passion for the beauty found in nature is [More info]
Joe Wade Jr. is a painter, printmaker, and framer. His subjects include landscapes, still life and abstracts. Sites: JW Art Gallery, Silver Spirit Gallery, (SVA). 575-537-0300 On the web:[More info]
John Catsis
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
John Reeves
John Reeves, influenced by his love of landscape painting and color photography, creates glass totem like sculptures, discs of beautiful art glass, smaller whimsical forms, wall hangings and garden sculptures. 575-313-2015[More info]
John Wachholz
Since moving to Silver City in 2007 from the Madison Wisconsin area, John Wachholz has found his home for life. He has immersed himself in crafting custom frames for his diverse wildlife photos. John has been photographing wildlife for close to forty years. Most images have been on 35mm film. Although in recent years, he has switched to Cannon digital cameras, which have improved the quality of his images. John photographs wildlife only in their natural [More info]
Jose V. Jaurequi
Jose V. Jaurequi is a self-taught artist listed in the New Mexico Directory of Hispanic Culture. He would like to be recognized as a "Modern Santero". Sites: JW Art Gallery, Creations and Adornments, LaCapilla Gallery Studio 575-388-5719 [More info]
Judie Jenks mainly focuses on creating pouring vessels such as ewers, jugs and pitchers. Inspired by photos of 6th century A.D. Persian wine ewers and other pouring vessels of this period several years ago, she enjoys creating her unique variations of these ancient forms. More recently, she has altered some of these pouring vessels into lanterns for burning candles. [More info]
Karen Carr
Wildlife and natural history artist Karen Carr has displayed her artwork, in both traditional and electronic media, in publications, zoos, museums and parks across the United States, Japan and Europe. Her most recent works include major illustration projects and publications for the Smithsonian Institution, the Audubon Society, Random House, HarperCollins and others, and she has authored or illustrated more than a half-dozen recent books for young readers. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Karen is the [More info]
Karen Lauseng
Karen Lauseng is an internationally recognized New Mexico artist residing in Silver City. Karen grew up in Watertown, SD where she says she "developed a strong work ethic and great appreciation for mild weather." Karen's mother was an expert seamstress who taught her to knit, sew, crochet, and embroider. With little money to spare in a family of 7, Lauseng learned at an early age the art of being thrifty. During her childhood, she developed the [More info]
Karen Muench
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Kate Robertson took classes a few years ago from Turid Pedersen.  Kate paints still lifes, cats, dogs, castles and Christian art.  She also makes small clay sculptures. In addition to painting she is very involved with the local TEA Party.[More info]
Lanora Elmer
Lanora Elmer is a self-taught artist who has been creating works of art since childhood. Her current work is centered on copper, western design wall-hangings, and mixed media art. Sites: Creations and Adornments, Running Horse Gallery. 575-535 4200[More info]
Lee McCune describes his art as “seeking the eternal in the transitory - watching the flicker in the flow.” Media: oil, acrylic, photography, sculpture. Sites: Silver Spirit Gallery (SVA), Yankie St. Artists Studio (Art and Soul). 575-519-0615[More info]
Libby Beck
Libby Beck finds the creative process a type of meditation. All artwork submerges her in a nearly addictive manner and satisfies her deeply. Blessed be. Sites: Silver Spirit Gallery. 575-534-0569[More info]
Linda Reynolds
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Lois Duffy
Lois Duffy is an artist whose work covers both the real and the imagined, worlds as familiar as the Old West, and imaginary vistas unexplored. A journey through Lois Duffy’s paintings will make a viewer see the world as full of magical possibilities…friendly, humorous, serious and thought provoking. Lois operates her studio and showroom in the heart of Historic Downtown's Arts District, and her walls reflect the many subjects themes that inspire her [More info]
Luanne Brooten
Luanne Brooten’s goal is to create beautiful images from materials and media that seem right for the piece. The Southwest is the inspiration for her art. Luanne has a Bachelors degree in interior design with a minor in fine arts from the University of Minnesota. Luanne has been a practicing artist and interior designer since 1970 in Minnesota and now in New Mexico. Her artwork has been in various shows around Minnesota and New Mexico [More info]
Lund Arts LLC
I recently established Lund Arts, LLC as an art and design business, after working for the last eleven years as a freelance graphic designer. Lund Arts is an umbrella for all my creative work, but serves primarily for graphic design and illustrative projects. Based in Silver City, NM, I divide the majority of my time between Karen Carr Studio and The Trail of the Mountain Spirits National Scenic Byway. I am also available for freelance [More info]
Lynn Welsch creates unique fiber New Mexico landscapes. Other pieces showcase her sense of fun, whimsy and love of color. Sites: The Common Thread, Doc Campbell’s Trading Post, Silver Spirit Gallery. 214-681-5543[More info]
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Marilyn Burbrink
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Marilyn Gendron
Marilyn Gendron explores the interplay of color and form, light and shadow in her luminous portrayals of Southwest images, both ancient and modern. Sites: Azurite Gallery, Silver Spirit Gallery (SVA). 575-536 9934[More info]
Mary A. Gravelle
Mary A Gravelle - (Mary's Fine Art): Design that is aesthetically pleasing communicates your message clearly. Coming from a fine art viewpoint, Mary's design is pleasing to the eye and will send a clear message to your audience. Bio: Needing a change of scenery from the claustrophobic northeast, I moved to the expansive southwest from Vernon, Connecticut to Silver City, New Mexico in October 2006. I have exhibited my paintings in Connecticut, New York, Taiwan, Arizona, [More info]
Mary Alice Murphy
Mary Alice Murphy looks for patterns, color and light in nature, with sunsets a favorite subject. Abstraction in nature also draws her eye. Old adobe structures and the play of light on textured walls intrigues her. Mary Alice publishes journalistic photography to tell a story on the online newspaper, on the Photo Essay page. She also likes to create casual photographs of people. Mary Alice really likes the challenge, when someone says: "[More info]
Mary Margaret Soulé
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Michael O’Connor
For Michael, the challenge in oil painting is to capture the special "Look at that!" moments we all experience every day. The play of light on a subject is the key element in each of these moments. His painting is inspired by the area in Southwest New Mexico where he has lived since 1998. Michael's background and professional training are in geology and the natural sciences, so much of his work focuses on nature, or at [More info]
Michele Connelly
Michele Connelly is a woodcarver who uses driftwood from the Gila River, native rock and found metal to create sculptures that hold the motion of the river within them. Each of her handcrafted works require more than 40 hours to complete. Bio: I've always been drawn to the beauty of the natural world for its solace and inspiration. I'm fortunate to have spent my adult life living in the mountain West, especially my beloved New Mexico, [More info]
Nancy Wachholz
Nancy Wachholz became a part of the people and the funky Silver City area about 4 years ago, since moving here from Wisconsin. Nancy started painting in September of 2000, when she took her first watercolor workshop. It is important for her not to trace or use projected images and constantly practices her drawing and painting skills in creating watercolor portraits of the Southwest. Nancy deeply respects the people of this area and tries to portray their ‘[More info]
Nikki O’Connell Muise
Nikki O’Connell Muise finds her subjects in all that she loves in nature, from flora to marine, including man’s imprint on nature by structures and the decay of time on them. Media: photography, screen printing, watercolor painting and digital media. 575-534-9415 On the web:[More info]
Paula Geisler
Paula Geisler creates practical, and aesthetically pleasing custom-blasted glass. Glass is a perfect metaphor for the human condition: strong, but brittle. Replace when broken. Like people, glass conceals and reveals simultaneously. Media: Glass, video, painting, prints and drawing Sites: Common Ground Gallery, 102 West Kelly, Silver City, About Us: We are a small independent film production company (videographer, editor, producer) with a LARGE mission: we take your ideas, add our expertise, and create powerful, dynamic, and [More info]
Phoebe Lawrence
Phoebe Lawrence “loses herself” in clay. Her work reflects grace and joy in the creative process, focusing on form, unique glaze combinations and surface texture. Site: Elemental Arts Gallery, Copper Quail Gallery, Silver Spirit Gallery. 575-534-0180[More info]
Priscilla Baldwin
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Rebecca A. Kerr
Rebecca A. Kerr has been drawing since she can remember. Her first materials were a No. 2 school pencil and brown paper bags. At the age of 35, she decided to further her education by enrolling in a Commercial Art course at Metropolitan Technical Community College, in Omaha, NE. She graduated with an Associates Degree, returning for additional schooling in both photography and computer graphics. Rebecca enjoys working in a variety of media. Sites: The Copper Quail [More info]
Rebekka Baker VanNess is a contemporary fiber artist and paper fiber on painted prepared canvas. Many works integrate local and native Southwestern plants. Sites: Sound of Light Gallery 575-574-2996 On the web:[More info]
Rick VanNess is an internationally recognized artist. He settled here in NM and is exhibiting his lighted sculptures. Made from vintage musical instruments and other materials, the work is said to have a modern sensibility for abstract form while evoking visions of a romantic past. Music to your Eyes Since 1971. Media: Mixed media and Sculpture 575-574-2996 On the web:[More info]
Rita Sherwood’s passion for painting and her love of the outdoors are combined in her landscapes. Sites: Silver City Trading Company, Silver Spirit Gallery. 575-388-8989 [More info]
Robert Winston is an artist, engineer and furniture maker. He is attuned to the profound connection between the transformative power of living trees and our human reliance upon their presence in the environment. 575-534-4960 On the web:[More info]
Roz Springer shows her love for the outdoors and far away places through oil and watercolor paintings. She is drawn to architecture – especially that of the Southwest and of ancient places. Her paintings capture even the temperature and sounds of the scenes she paints. On the web:[More info]
Ruth Hamby
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen has been a rock-hound all of her life. Her passion for creating one- of-a-kind rock jewelry began the first time she cut one open. Ordinary yard décor becomes beautiful lapidary creations. She cuts, grinds and polishes all of her stones and uses beads and wire to create jewelry from her unique cabochons. Site: Silver Spirit Gallery. [More info]
Sally Wofford has always enjoyed drawing, first getting a chance to take oil painting lessons in 1996 from Phylis Hawman. Later she took workshops from Mitchner, Kime, Green and others. Sally paints mostly landscapes and portraits.[More info]
Sandy Hopper
Sandy Hopper’s fine wearable silks and wall hangings flow with energy and glowing color. An ethereal quality achieved through layers of delicate dyes on silk. Sites: Common Thread, Johnson’s of Madrid, Percha Creek Traders, Rio Bravo Fine Art. Bio: For more than 25 years, I have been creating fine works of art. I originally started working with oils, but allergies to traditional oils precipitated the transition to working with silk in 2000. Although my work [More info]
Sarah Boettcher
Sarah Boettcher has been sewing since childhood. She has had an Interior Design Business and a gift store. She works with fabric, making jackets, children’s dresses, aprons and in interior design draperies, valances and pillowcases. She does accept commissions. Sites: Common Thread 575-534-2435 [More info]
Setta Smith Roberts, an artist born and raised in Europe, has  lived in Lebanon, England and NY prior to moving to NM.  When she  moved to Silver City, she became active with GCAG and MRAC. She  exhibits her paintings in several places locally and has won several  ribbons for her art.  She continues to participate in all activities of  GRAC and maintains her own studio on Broadway. 575-574-2493[More info]
Sharon Scotti makes and sells jewelry as a not-for-profit fundraising for the Silver City Food Pantry. Sites: Street vendor permit, Saturday mornings near the Food Coop on Bullard St. [More info]
Silver Graphic Design
What do you need designed? Do you need a brochure, ad, CD cover and materials, a poster, a logo, a website, or something else? Silver Graphic Design can help you deliver the message you want in a succinct and beautiful way with graphics that have clean lines and elements. Elegance, beauty, and sometimes-whimsical are words to describe the results of having your materials designed by Mary Rush Gravelle and Silver Graphic Design. Whether you are [More info]
Stacy Schwarz
Shows in the Piños Altos Art Gallery, 14 Golden Avenue in Piños Altos, NM. email:, or phone 575-574-2831.[More info]
Steve Brooten
Steve Brooten believes everything is in the details: how lines shapes, light and color come together. It takes an artist to make a photographic work of art. Media: photography. 575-590-2039 On the web:[More info]
Susan Hill
Susan Hill works with fiber, translating the colors and textures of the Southwest into wearable art. Sites: Copper Quail Gallery. 575-388-9069[More info]
Susan Kazlaskas can create a room with a screen! Using mostly wood (some figured) for the frames, mixed media, painted canvas, fabric, textiles, slate and much much more. Media: wood, fabric, mixed media. 207-356-5557[More info]