Gila River Festival

11th Annual Gila River Festival:

September 24-27, 2015

Gila River Festival

The 11th annual Gila River Festival will explore the escalating tension between nature, man and rapid technological innovations. What does this mean for the future of the Gila River and its watershed?

Several events, beginning with film maker Godfrey Reggio’s keynote address about the relationships between man and his surroundings, will speak to the imbalance between society and nature. The Gila Time-Lapse Film Festival will feature films that compress or extend time, allowing us to perceive nature and technology in new ways.

In keeping with the theme of exploring ways to live in balance with nature, bio-regional aural historian Jack Loeffler will lead his panel discussion, “Thinking Like a Watershed,” featuring voices from different cultural perspectives.

As in previous years, the Gila River Festival will have expert-guided field trips, a Gila River kayak trip, a Gila River bus tour for less-mobile participants, a family-oriented puppet parade, and many more activities.



 For more information, please visit the Gila Conservation Coalition website or contact them at 575.538.8078 or