Silver City Serena's BlogSilver City Serena was born & raised in Grant County. After high school, Serena decided to move to Tucson and worked at the Epic Café to save $$ for a much anticipated backpacking trip. Serena spent 3 months in Europe and 3 months in Mexico & Central America.

She considered joining the Peace Corp, but realized she wanted to have more to offer the world, and decided to complete her eduation. Her aunt in Silver City offered her free rent in her casita in exchange for helping out with her grandmother, who is healthy, but aging. Serena is currently enrolled in environmental & sustainability studies @ WNMU and works part time as a volunteer,writing grants and blogging.

Serena is a Renaissance Woman, an accomplished musician and sculptor. She enjoys hiking and camping in the Wilderness and has been known to catch a fish from time to time in the Gila River.

Silver City Blues Festival
School’s out! Blues Fest! The whole town and lots of visitors will be at Silver City’s biggest party Memorial Day weekend, and I really can’t wait. As my friend Annie says, "Holy Cow!". I can’t begin to describe the variety and caliber of The Blues being presented, so here’s a link to peruse: Silver City Blues Festival (more…) [Read more]
Tour of the Gila
Spring comes to the Gila in small steps; one step forward and one or two or three back, but eventually it’s no longer winter. That progression never fails to thrill me. It starts in February or March with almond trees becoming huge bouquets of heavily scented flowers in the old neighborhoods. Then the wind comes up, along with apricot blossoms, and conversations about the viability of this year’s back yard fruit crops are heard at the Post Office, the hard ware store, and favorite watering holes. (more…) [Read more]
Chocolate Fantasia
OK, I’ll admit most of what you read here is about food. And I’ll admit that the rumor that I would appear dressed as Ixcacao, the Mayan Goddess of chocolate, for Silver City’s Chocolate Fantasia was true. Note that verb tense; it is no longer true. Given the intricacy of the images I’ve researched and the vast amount of skin exposed, you will see me as The Queen of Hearts. My BFF and I will be one of many pairs doling out fabulous locally crafted chocolates at various sites around down town. Get your site map and tickets before they’re sold out to avoid the heart break of missing this part of the celebration. We got an early volunteer shift so [Read more]
Tamal Fiesta y Más
Have I mentioned that I love food, especially food proudly presented at regional festivals? I’ve been to festivals celebrating apples, artichokes, bread, cheese, cherries and garlic, among others, but nothing compares to those gift-like packages known as tamales. Unwrap the corn husk, and the aromatic steam hints of the savory or sweet filling within the rich masa. Among my friends and family are those who might swear that Silver City’s brilliant decision last year to have a Tamale Festival was the main reason I moved back home, because I love tamales so much! This year, “New Mexico Tamal Fiesta y Más” on Dec. 8th takes the whole tamale adventure a few steps further, with music and dancing, and lots of tamales to sample [Read more]
A Victorian Christmas
Memories: the Christmas in Tucson that none of the neighborhood kids opened, or even looked at, their presents under the tree until nearly time for lunch, because we were all outside in pajamas and cowboy boots, playing in the snow of the first white Christmas some of us had ever seen… the year my Dad somehow smuggled in and managed to keep a puppy quiet enough to be a total surprise on Christmas morning, even a surprise for my Mom… the Christmas morning when I was just a little too old for dolls and it dawned on me that for years my Abuelita, not Santa, had sewn the gorgeous dresses for the parade of new dolls under the tree for me, my sisters, cousins, and later, [Read more]
Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos
Children dress as their secret dreams, or make themselves brave by wearing the masks of the scary thing that sleeps beneath their beds. At Halloween, we all become children. The obvious; a holiday that encourages dressing up, and giving out and eating candy! Less obvious; acknowledging the waning sun, gardens sinking into the earth to nourish planting in the spring, the mysteries of death, and celebrating those who have passed. (more…) [Read more]