New Mexico True Campaign

New Mexico TourismThese are the first television commercials from the New Mexico Tourism Department’s “True” campaign:

Please share comments about what you think of the ads, and how they make you feel about New Mexico.

The following are comments from NM Tourism Department Cabinet Secretary Monique Jacobson regarding the research and creativity behind the “New Mexico True” campaign, including the emphasis on the adventures steeped in culture New Mexico offers, and the reason the word “true” carries so much meaning for the state.

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3 Responses to New Mexico True Campaign

  1. I saw lots of water, really? NM? What about the musically famous NM Sunsets??
    And where are the world famous balloons? Those images could be from ANYwhere.

    • Where the woman is sitting in the water, that is off of the Jemez river in the Jemez mountains. The Jemez is beautiful and about 1 hour NW of Albuquerque. I am assuming the river where they are kayaking is the Rio Grande. It could also be the Chama river. Remember, the southern part of the rockies ends in Santa Fe, NM and so there are rivers coming off the rockies that make their way into NM. I think a lot of people think Arizona when they think New Mexico but we are totally different.